Once you’ve got your organizational structure in place, accessory items can make organizing, protecting and accessing your belongings even easier. THE Closet Company continues to be an innovator of custom storage products for the home with an accessory line that will accent and enhance your system. From boxes and bins and baskets of all kinds to jewelry and undergarment dividers and racks for shoes, ties, belts, valet rods and scarves, all the areas of your home will benefit from the well designed and thoughtful array of accessories we offer.





THE Closet Company continues to meet the growing demand for custom built commercial and residential offices by offering free-standing or built-in modular systems. We work together with you to understand your space, discuss your needs, and determine how these needs may change over time. Our goal is to design and build an office system that allows for efficiency and productivity, and can accommodate the often changing array of office equipment. Custom components can included special countertops, crown molding, under-cabinet lighting, a CPU holder, mouse and keyboard support and file drawer inserts.



Creating an organized environment in your laundry or utility area can make what is often a chore, streamlined and fun. Okay, well maybe not “fun”, but it sure can simply this part of your life.



The bedroom is most often considered the most personal space in the home. It is the place where we feel the most comfort in being ourselves. The bedroom closet greets us every morning and night. Having well designed storage in the bedroom is essential to creating an environment that will allow us to relax and de-stress.

The Bedroom :: Use the arrow keys to browse the gallery, or click away from the image to close. Maximized space with organized clothes and personal belongings release a lot of anxieties we face when we can’t find what we need, when we need it. Our designers are space planning experts who understand how important your personal space it to you. We respect and embrace your needs and wishes and will assist you in creating a renewed sense of how your bedroom can function with a design for all of the possessions that are important to you


Walk Ins

Whether simple and practical or luxurious and spacious, the walk-in closet system incorporates multiple walls of intelligent storage components. Many designs provide ample storage for two adults, accommodating each person’s wardrobe, shoes and accessories separately.

Some walk-in closets are large enough to incorporate multiple hutches or a center drawer island. Please inquire about custom add-ons such as crown molding, recessed lighting, glass door fronts, granite or marble countertops and dressing benches.



For the place in your home that is dedicated to the youngest family member, storage is essential for both infant and adult. When your precious time is spent nurturing and caring for another, you need to find and access things quickly and easily. Our closets can grow and change with your child. You can transform an infant’s closet into a functional and fun storage area for your older child with special components for their special size and stuff. Hanging poles can be adjusted at a height that is just right for your child.

Child’sBaskets are perfect for not only clothing items, but for toys and games.Every design encourages clean-up and the return of things where they belong after use. When the time is right, your younger child’s configuration can transform into a closet suited for a teenager. The poles can be replaced or repositioned to hold bigger clothes. The baskets can be changed to drawers, giving your teen more privacy and room for accessories.



The garage is a place in the home that easily accumulates clutter. Your garage may serve as a hobby center, headquarters for sports and gardening equipment and storage for out of season items. An organizational system in the garage will expand your storage possibilities, provide ample room to work, give you quick access to your possessions and even make room for the car. We offer a variety of drawer and shelf configurations, closed cabinets and different ways to hang tools, toys and equipment using a variety of medium or heavy duty slat wall systems including StoreWALL storage systems.



The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, where family and friends gather together. We custom design and build all pantries to integrate into existing interiors, with ease of use in mind, not only for the cook but for everyone.


These days, the living space you share with family is used for both form and informal activities. Family members are just as likely to relax in this space as they are to entertain here. As the storage in this space will be multi-purpose, it is essential that it is comfortable and functional while maintaining the integrity of the interior design scheme. We offer a variety of finishes and configurations.

We can provide ample storage for reading materials, collectibles, toys, games, audio visual equipment and multi-media library.Custom features can include crown molding, glass display shelving and recessed lighting.