• Michael, Your expertise and attention… | Gary & Susan Metzger


    …to detail is indicative of the design and quality of our new closet. From the initial design phase to the final installation phase, it was truly a pleasure to work with you. Thank you again. We love our closet!

  • I love my closets… | Suzie

    …every one of them. It is the best money we have ever spent
  • The Closet Company used both art and science… | Gary Whitaker


    …to maximize our closet space. Through innovative use of space and eye – appealing design, our master closets are highlights of our master bedroom makeover. Great work from great people.

  • We are extremely pleased… | Karl and Melissa Coleman


    …with The Closet Company. We were downsizing closet space when moving into our new home and Michael helped us maximize our master bedroom closet to the fullest! What previously fit into two big closets, now fits into one much smaller closet. From the initial design phase to the final completion of our custom closet, each step was done with care, courtesy, and detail. The quality of the closet and the workmanship is outstanding. Communication was always polite and friendly. We would definitely recommend Michael Jenkins and The Closet Company!

  • We love our new closet! | Kim and Stuart

    We love our new closet! With 3 sets of tall shelving, several hanging bars, and 2 drop-down bars our closet is organized, bright, clean, and has more capacity than ever. The drop-down clothing bars make switching seasonal clothes simple. With so much room for clothes, shoes, purses, belts, and scarves it’s a joy to go into the closet.
    One trick we learned is to lay shoes heel to toe on the shelf. They fit nicely and look better.
    Very happy customers,
    Kim and Stuart
  • The house I purchased… | Tom Strong, Strong-Garner-Bauer, P.C.


    …a few months ago had inadequate closet space. I heard that Michael Jenkins at the Closet Company had ways to make a small closet serve the purpose of a big one so I have him a call. Michael was great. He furnished a supremely good product with abundant space at a modest price. I could not be more pleased.